CQG’s team works across a number of sectors throughout Australia and in South-East Asia, providing planning, environmental and engineering services.

Our clients range from individuals seeking assistance with a contaminated land investigation in suburbia, Traditional Owner Groups in Cape York needing help to protect wetland areas to multi-national firms wanting to secure approvals from all levels of government to develop large industrial facilities. We service clients in our key sectors listed below in a variety of ways including over the phone advice, engagement on retainer or secondment, short or long term contracts.

“CQG display a continuously high level of professionalism in their interactions and uphold a consistent attention to detail…”

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Because we live and work in regional areas we have hands on practical and technical expertise in a range of environmental, planning, due diligence, project management and engineering services for the agriculture sector particularly in the sugar, salt, rice, beef, aquaculture, horticulture, forestry and timber plantations and cropping industries.

We can assist with property acquisition decision making or provision of materials for property marketing through assessing environmental and planning constraints such as vegetation and habitat protection zones, or determining government approval/ permit requirements. Our team can prepare property management assessable vegetation (PMAV) applications, best management practice program documentation (BMP), weed and pest management plans and GIS mapping or conduct vegetation, weed and fauna surveys, UAV drone surveys, water quality testing and employee awareness training. We have strong ties to the agriculture sector and have the skills to help enable its future viability through continual improvement of environmental protection practices.

Energy and Resources

CQG’s clients in this sector include power generation and transmission companies, renewable energy clients (solar, wind, hydro, battery storage), explorers, drilling companies, quarries, contractors, coal mining companies, and minerals and precious metal (gold) miners.

Because we work and live in regional areas we understand the importance of reliable power supply and the role the energy and resources sector play in the economic viability of this nation. We understand the importance of protecting good quality agriculture land and for proponents and communities to work together for the best outcome. Our services in this sector  include feasibility studies, approvals, community and Traditional Owner engagement, monitoring, regulatory advice, concept engineering, project management, rehabilitation and environmental monitoring.


Working on government projects requires an ability to respect confidentiality and appreciate moving goal posts. Our services are provided on an as needs, project specific or a secondment basis.

We have a strong track record working for local governments throughout Queensland, are a member of Local Buy and have the technical skills to provide reliable, high quality services particularly in waste management, landfills, natural disaster management, asbestos surveys, regulatory advice,training, contaminated land remediation, STP (effluent irrigation and constructed wetlands), parks and land management as well as asset management and town planning services.

Our services to State and Federal government agencies include preparation of scopes, tender reviews, coordination of contractors, project management, drone surveys, training and filling in for staff vacancies or provision of policy or document review.

Conservation and Heritage

Protection of Australia’s natural environment and the cultural and heritage values balanced with sustainable economic viability for future generations underpins the work we do every day.

We provide advisory and technical support and hands on assistance to land owners, natural resource managers, community groups and Traditional Owners in this space.

World heritage mapping, training, tender applications, ecological surveys, flora and fauna and water quality monitoring and assistance with Indigenous protected areas, feral animal and weed management are our key services to this sector.

Construction and Industrial

You can count on CQG’s team to have the skills and experience to help you from project conception through the maze of approvals, the construction, commissioning, contractor EMS and EMPs, operation and decommissioning phases of your projects. Our staff have worked on construction sites for urban developments, dams, gas pipelines, mines, industrial plants, timber processing plants, rail, port and road projects.

We provide services to small plants up to large industrial facilities including chemical and manufacturing plants, sugar mills, salt refineries and smelters. We are fully inducted, have the safety boots, high viz and hard hats ready to go!

Oil and Gas

We work with the full range of organisations in this sector including banks, contractors and oil and gas companies in the provision of statutory planning and environmental regulatory advice and approvals, EMS, EMP, auditing and monitoring.

Project work has seen our staff seconded to pipeline construction projects, clearance approvals for exploration activities through to environmental impact assessment (EIS) for oil terminals and a refinery (current).

CQG’s team has worked on Curtis Island providing environmental services during the recent construction of one of the world’s newest LNG plants and has the skills to provide ongoing monitoring services to remote gas fields.


CQG has a strong track record in the tourism sector, ranging from assisting tourism operators secure permits to operate their facilities through to large multi-disciplinary impact assessment projects eg Great Keppel Island Revitalisation Plan EIS and provision of strategic advice to the Hummock Hill Island Pacificus Tourism project. We have a strong working knowledge of securing project approvals for developments in and adjacent to the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area including the determination of background environmental, social and cultural values and identifying ways in which to protect and enhance these values. Our team is sought out to assist clients with identification of risks and opportunities and preparing feasibility studies as well as representing them in discussions with government agencies and community members. We can assist with eco-tourism ventures and coordination of tourism projects in remote locations and keep up to date with the tourism industry through attendance at local and State events.

Ports and Coastal

Clients in this sector include port authorities, marina developers and operators, shipping companies, naval architects and companies who operate facilities within port precincts. Project work in this sector has included sediment analysis plans, water quality and aquatic ecology monitoring, marine mega-fauna surveys, concept planning for ship loader upgrades and marine offloading facilities, coordination of coastal engineering and plume modelling by our specialist sub-consultants, multi-criteria analysis of port options, development applications and EIS for proposed developments, acid sulfate soil sampling and provision of environmental control advice and input for transhipper designs.

Our engineers have assisted tourism operators with planning erosion control plans and selection of contractors, and our scientists and planners have assisted with securing permits and approvals for a wide range of coastal developments. We have a licenced skipper, access to in-survey vessels, and experience working in busy ports and marine environments.


CQG’s team provides professional services for roads, rail, airports and shipping including feasibility assessments, concept and master planning, land tenure advice, development applications, permits eg waterway barrier permits, environmental construction management and asset management. We often fulfil the role of environmental manager or officer for construction or maintenance projects which includes ecological surveys, development of EMPs, auditing, training and contaminated land advice.

We are registered on a number of panels for linear infrastructure and transport related projects and have a good appreciation of the need for reliable and timely advice for this important sector.

Urban Development

People, towns and cities are constantly changing, constantly placing demands on the economy, housing, education, transport, open space, health and community facilities. At the same time, our urban communities are also changing. The types of jobs we do, how we travel, shop, socialise and the types of homes we live in are changing.

Cities can provide choices to people and help people develop the capacities to exercise those choices. Enabling choice is the foundation of CQG’s services to the urban development sector.

Our team of experienced planners, project managers, environmental scientists, and engineers allows us to offer seamless urban development solutions to clients from vision inception to delivery across a diverse range of urban development projects.

Our services to the Urban Development sector include feasibility and due diligence assessments, operational works and development applications, material change of use approvals and development project management.

Solar Salt

CQG Consulting provides consulting services to the Salt Industry across a broad range of disciplines ranging from environmental auditing and optimisation of existing solar salt facilities to the site selection and design of new solar salt fields.

CQG has undertaken brine evaporation and crystallisation trials for a Potash development project,  conceptual design for a 3 million tonne per year export salt field, concept development for a coal seam gas (CSG) waste brine management facility, salt field production modelling, salt field optimisation strategies as well as providing ongoing  advice to one of Australia’s leading domestic salt producers and refiners. CQG can assist with project due diligence, peer review, site selection, conceptual design, project development and feasibility studies and approvals.

With an extremely broad range of salt industry experience CQG can apply skills and techniques into the management of saline waste.