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There are always plenty of things happening in our world of providing professional advisory services, conducting monitoring, preparing concept plans and discussing ideas with our clients to improve their operations to minimise impacts on the environment and to ensure compliance with environmental and statutory planning legislation.

To provide the best services we can it is important that we are connected to professional and business networks, to conservation groups, to industry representative groups and with the communities in which we work and live.

This page gives an insight into the types of things we are involved in that are newsworthy. We also communicate through various social media channels including Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and YouTube.

“CQG prides itself on maintaining a professional image…”

More Testimonials

October 2023

Welcome Oscar

We are pleased to welcome Oscar Dalla Pria to the CQG Team, based in our Townsville office as a Principal Environmental Scientist 🌱

Oscar is a seasoned environmental professional with over 25 years of experience in the environmental field, specialising in all matters related to contaminated land, groundwater and environmental management.

He has undertaken numerous environmental and contaminated land investigations in his career spanning across a range of industries including local and state governments, industry, mining, and the oil & gas industry.

Welcome Oscar!

#cqgconsulting #townsville #contaminatedland #environmentalconsultancy

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February 2023

4WD Training

Several staff from CQG Consulting and Tunuba Pty Ltd recently participated in 4WD training with Craig from Fleet Driver Training. Our staff often find themselves in rough and remote terrain and it is imperative that our driving capabilities match the terrain in order to ensure both our staff and our vehicles make it out unscathed.

The highlight of the training though, of course, being the view from the top of the mountain!

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December 2022

Tunuba & CQG on the job

Tunuba Senior Ranger Sheldon Edmund and CQG Consulting’s Enviro Tech Luke Ellrott on the job.

Field Work in QLD requires sun safe awareness. Local knowledge is valuable to plan work schedules around the heat 🌞

CQG Consulting
Darumbal Enterprises

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June 2022

NAIDOC Week 2022

CQG Consulting stands side by side with First Nations People across Australia to celebrate NAIDOC Week 2022.

We congratulate these people and their old people, past and present, for being the oldest living culture on Earth and for their caring of this country we all share.

CQG is proud of our partnership with the Darumbal People in the formation of Tunuba, a Supply Nation business which was established over three years ago and of the many strong relationships we have with Traditional Owners throughout Queensland.


June 2022

March 2022

CQG helps out with SE QLD floods

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Article Courtesy of CQ Today

September 2021

Patrice Brown is a finalist for the Economic Development – Community Champion award!

We’re so proud of our Company Direct, Patrice Brown, for being a finalist for the Economic Development – Community Champion award presented by .

Patrice was nominated for this award as recognition of her ongoing commitment to building Central Queensland’s economy through partnerships with local business and First Nations people.

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July 2021

LAWMAC 2021 in Barcaldine

Pictured below with other LAWMAC members, CQG’s Andrew and Patrice Brown reinforced our commitment to Regional Councils recently attending the two day meeting in Barcaldine.

July 2021

LAWMAC – July 2021 Newsletter

CQG Consulting features in Local Authority Waste Management Advisory Committee July 2021 Newsletter.

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Article Courtesy of LAWMAC

March 2021

CQG is hiring an Ecologist (Terrestrial)

CQG Consulting (CQ Environmental Pty Ltd) is highly regarded in the environmental sector. Established in 2003, we are privately owned and have grown from strength to strength underpinned by the way we take care of both our staff and our clients and continually seek practical and innovative ways to deliver our services.

We are seeking experienced professionals who share our values and passion and are ready for challenges! If you think this is the workplace for you, we would love to hear from you!!


December 2020

CQG sponsors QRC Annual Forum and Lunch

CQG is pleased to sponsor the Queensland Resource Council Annual Luncheon for 2020.

If you’d like to hear the Premier of Queensland & Minister for Trade, the Hon Annastacia Palaszczuk MP, the QRC CEO, Ian MacFarlane’s or QRC’s President or Brent Gunther  presentations, follow this link.

September 2020

Grow a Small Business Podcast – Patrice Brown

Podcast interview with Company Director Patrice Brown

This Cast Covers:

  • Providing environmental advice to existing industries and developers
  • An increase in business in the last few years due to an increased global focus on environmental conservation
  • Generating revenue from a consulting model that fits into every client’s needs
  • From the sugar and timber industry, into environmental work then finally into business ownership
  • How she started out managing big projects as the sole employee and grew to employ up to 40 people
  • The lessons she learned from surviving the downturn that almost took them out of business
  • Beating huge competitors to secure a major contract with the Department of Defence and other moments of pride
  • The different ways that different business owners measure success and the holy grail that is time
  • The importance of understanding the kind of customers you’re targeting so you can come up with an effective marketing strategy
  • Taking immediate action to start a business without overcommitting financially
  • Recruiting slowly to get the right staff and investing in them to ensure they deliver their best
  • The difficult experience of losing staff members to competitors and other industries
  • Getting personal satisfaction from being able to create a career pathway for young people
  • Realizing that thriving in business is all about delivering personalized service, coming up with practical solutions, building a great team, and providing value for money
  • Allocating time and Investing in personal health and wellness to survive in the world of business
  • Allowing, fostering, and encouraging innovation without micromanaging staff
  • Her passion for continual learning and how it has helped her progress over the years
  • The value in engaging with both older and younger mentors
  • The challenge most people have in mastering the confidence to start a business
  • Believing in yourself: The most valuable tool you have as a small business owner

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September 2020

CQG’s 2020 Strategic Planning Day

Beautiful weather and a deserted beach were a perfect mix to inspire ideas for CQG’s 2020 Strategic Planning sessions.

Here are a couple of shots of some of the CQG team enjoying sunny Queensland!

September 2020

Welcome to our new Fellows

EIANZ is a professional association for environmental practitioners.  The Environment Institute is a not-for-profit, professional association for environmental practitioners from across Australia and New Zealand.

Our Managing Director Patrice Brown has just been made a fellow.

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Article Courtesy of EIANZ

July 2020

CQG Employee conducting pre-clearance surveys

Graduate Environmental Scientist, Nikki Kilpatrick conducting a pre-clearance survey at the Gladstone-Monto Road Floodway Restoration Project, in the Boyne Valley.

Nikki is identifying resident flora and fauna species and marking habitat trees, prior to clearing required for road widening works.

An experienced and licensed fauna spotter/catcher from CQG Consulting will be on-site to oversee the clearing activities and relocate any wildlife impacted.

June 2020

Carbon Farming Rebate Program

What is Carbon Farming?

Carbon farming is the process of optimising agricultural practices and land use to increase the amount of carbon stored in the soil and vegetation (sequestration). The program is intended to assist people on the land to tell their stories and to implement ways in which to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from grazing and farming.

As approved advisors under this program, CQG’s scientists can provide scientific and technical advice to landholders to explore new potential business opportunities offered by carbon farming and to provide specialist advice for landholders to better understand opportunities associated with carbon farming, particularly those offered by the Land Restoration Fund.

CQG’s Director Patrice Brown, Senior Environmental Scientist Jason Edwards and Environmental Scientists Amelia Elgar and Kurt Sengstock have recently been accepted as Approved Advisors under the Carbon Farming Advice Rebate (CFAR) program administered by the Queensland Rural and Industry Development Authority (QRIDA).

June 2020

CQG Consulting – Supports CQ First

CQG supports CQ first because we live and work in the region and are passionate about the environment of Central Queensland.

June 2020

World Environment Day – 5 June 2020

Time for Nature With a focus on its role in providing the essential infrastructure that supports life on Earth and human development

These days, in a more environmentally aware society, it is commonplace to hear about the contemporary, controversial and noticeable environmental issues we face.

After a recent season of relentless heatwaves, devastating bushfires, years of drought, and now worldwide pandemics, the environment is at the forefront of our minds more than ever.

Undoubtedly the greatest minds of our time are working to chart humanity’s course though these unprecedented times.

But in the meantime, how can we, as individuals, businesses and industries make a difference and promote change for the benefit and the environment?

Let’s take a stroll back in time and look at when the small things made a difference.  Last century the world was focussed on ecologically sustainable development.

Unfortunately, in my experience, development is neither beneficial to the ecology of a place, nor sustainable.  Want we need, what we should aim for, is a balanced approach.

As development spreads across the globe, the built environment is the clear winner over the natural environment.  So where is the balance? How did we get here in the first place?

We still design and build infrastructure the same way we did last century, we still teach our children the same way we did last century, we still treat the environment the same way we did last century.

Did we learn from our own mistakes? Why is the environment an afterthought, an impediment to development?

I think it is imperative that we all take the time to look into the past to shape our way into the future.  Australia is a prime example of a country that pushes the boundaries of what our environment can handle.

From cane toads to coral bleaching, weather extremes to water shortages, bushfires to bulldust – we live in an already extreme environment.  Yet we continue to develop out into marginal lands and nothing seems to change.

Australia can change – and it all starts with us.  Better decisions need to be made, based on the adoption of better techniques, changes in design, and improvements to training.

Hopefully, these better decisions can deliver small but important steps towards a balanced environment.  If we spend the time look back at our past mistakes and invest in the small changes, the payoff could be big!

Dave Waterson


April 2020

Queensland Vegetation Mapping Updates

Last week, Queensland’s Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy (DNRME) issued notification of important vegetation mapping updates. The new maps include the most recent Queensland Herbarium scientific updates to the Regulated Vegetation Management Map, regional ecosystems, wetland, high-value regrowth and essential habitat mapping.

To see if your property is affected by these changes, you can request a free vegetation map or view online with Queensland Globe.

If you require assistance with the interpretation of what this means for your property you can call the Department, or if you require assistance with conducting surveys or reporting to validate the mapping on your property, contact us to find out how we can help.

February 2020

CQ Capras Women’s Team

Tunuba – a proud Darumbal business and joint venture partner of CQG Consulting – is proud to be sponsors of the deadly CQ Capra’s Women’s Team!

Strong role models are important for our community and we look forward to the team’s journey and their positive influence on and off the sports field!

January 2020

What insect is that?

CQG Environmental scientist Karly Fowler happened upon an amazing find whilst conducting a pre-clearance survey this week– a huge female Goliath Stick Insect! A few happy snaps were taken with this gentle giant before she was delicately returned to her thick vegetation. Goliath stick insects (Eurycnema goliath) are one of Australia’s largest stick insects, primarily found from the NSW coast through to the central highlands of Queensland.

November 2019

Introducing Ed Rice!

Meet Ed, one of CQG’s newest environmental scientists hailing all the way from Durban, South Africa.
Ed has a broad range of skills and experiences gained over his career, from tracking Cheetah and Black rhino on a nature reserve to running his own consultancy.
His proudest moments include securing environmental approvals and compliance for developers where other consultants had given up. This involved collaborating with architects, wetland specialists and government bodies to find the final solution. Ed enjoys problem solving and bringing people together through effective communication. Ed enjoys spending his free time outdoors in nature. His wife and young daughter recently joined Ed to become Rockhampton residents.

September 2019

LAWMAC Workshop

Andrew Brown, CQG’s Principal Engineer, participated in a Local Authority Waste Management Advisory Committee (LAWMAC) workshop in Ingham on 23 August. Seen here in discussion with Assistant Minister for Waste Reduction and Environment Management, Trevor Evans, who provided an insight into the Federal Governments new initiatives to improve Australia’s waste management performance. LAWMAC members provided honest and constructive feedback for the minister to some of the key issues from a North Queensland perspective.

August 2019

What plant is that?

CQG’s ecologists have been out and about across Central Queensland in recent weeks conducting flora and fauna surveys.

Senior environmental scientist Jason Edwards seen here with ecologists Karly Fowler, Nikki Kilpatrick and environmental technical officer Emilie Zurvas checking plant species at the end of a long day in the field at the Shoalwater Bay Training Area.


June 2019

Protected Plants Flora Survey Trigger Areas Mapping Update

On 31 May 2019 the Queensland Government released an updated version (Version 7) of the Protected Plants Flora Survey Trigger Areas mapping (which can be downloaded from the DES website or accessed via QldGlobe) which now includes more areas than the previous version. The mapping has gone from the original “blue circles” to green areas of all shapes and sizes.

The protected plants flora survey trigger map identifies ‘high-risk’ areas where endangered, vulnerable or near threatened (EVNT) plant species listed under the Nature Conservation Act 1992 (Qld) are present or are likely to be present. The mapping, which is updated annually, is derived from records held by the Queensland Herbarium and buffered with a 2-kilometre radius.

This Queensland Government mapping requires landholders arrange for flora surveys to be undertaken by a suitably qualified person to assess the presence or absence of ENVT plants prior to any clearing activity within a high-risk area, unless the activity falls under an exemption (such as clearing for firebreaks within certain parameters).

The change affects any person undertaking vegetation clearing (developers, local governments, mining and other industry), not just the agricultural sector.

More information can be found here –

Mapping can be accessed here –

If you need to have a survey done please call 49229252. CQG’s regionally based ecologist have plenty of experience conducting protected plant and vegetation surveys & can help you through the maze of permitting.

May 2019

Coastal Hazard Management

Over the last couple of weeks our Senior Planner, Scott Lucke, attended a short course on Coastal Hazard Management at the Gold Coast and Byron Bay via Griffith University. This was a professional development course designed to improve the understanding of coastal dynamics and impacts on settlements, infrastructure and ecosystems, and to develop skills for coastal hazards and climate change adaptation.

The short course gave a good insight into a lot of the beach restoration works Andrew and Scott have been working on over the last couple of years and gave Scott a better understanding of natural coastal processes such as the importance of longshore sediment transport vs natural processes interrupted or exacerbated by extreme weather conditions and their associated impacts on the coastline.

If you are interested in having a chat about coastal hazard management feel free to get in touch with Scott on 07 4922 9252.

May 2019

CQG are pleased to welcome Nikki Kilpatrick to the Rockhampton team!

Nikki is in her final year studying a bachelor of Environmental Science majoring in water management at CQUniversity.

In her spare time Nikki loves to spend her days with her family being outdoors, fishing, beach combing, gardening and caring for their animals.
Nikki is excited to learn from the experienced team at CQG and put her newly acquired knowledge to the test.

May 2019

CQG is pleased to welcome Nina MacKellar to our Mackay team.

With a Bachelor of Science (Environment) degree and a passion for working on challenging and meaningful environmental projects, Nina is sure to enjoy her role at CQG. Nina has held operational and laboratory roles with Mackay Sugar and has previously worked for an environmental consulting firm.

She has hands-on experience working on a range of natural resource management projects including, rehabilitation, soil and land assessments as well as conducting weed,  flora and fauna surveys and managing community revegetation projects.

Nina’s practical land management skills come in handy on her family property controlling weeds, being involved in reforestation and the operation and maintenance of field equipment.

She has travelled extensively overseas and within Australia and seeks out adventure and meeting people from diverse backgrounds.

Nina is thrilled to have joined the CQG Team and is looking forward to working on a variety of projects.

May 2019

Welcome, Amelia!

CQG is pleased to welcome Amelia Elgar to our team. Amelia has a Bachelor of Science degree and an Honours in Ecology and Conservation and is an experienced fauna spotter with skills in wildlife rehabilitation. She has conducted flora and fauna surveys across a diverse range of habitats from Cape York to the South East Queensland, often in remote and challenging environments.

Amelia’s project experience includes trapping and radiotracking of endangered mammals species. She also has well developed skills in vegetation monitoring and bio-condition assessments as well as first aid and 4WD skills. Amelia has also completed dog handler training in the detection of fauna.

“One of my most enjoyable projects was working with dogs at Saddler Springs assisting specialists in the detection of Northern Quolls on the Mt Emerald Wind Farm project, Walkamin, Atherton tablelands in North Queensland. I’m excited about being part of the CQG team because of the diverse range of projects we work on and the opportunity to learn from other scientists and ecologists in the company who have experience in impact assessments and identifying ways in which to protect environmental values”.

April 2019

CQG Consulting is celebrating its 16th birthday today!

Since 2003 we have helped numerous clients with their environmental permits and approvals, redesigned proposed developments to reduce potential impacts on environmental and cultural values, assisted several local governments post natural disasters and delivered hundreds of practical and innovative solutions.

With staff spread across regional Queensland and clients throughout Australia and South-East Asia  CQG’s brand is well known and highly regarded.

Our success is reflective of our culture, our people, our business suppliers and our trusted  relationships with government agencies and Traditional Owner groups.

Thank you for being part of a network that is keeping Queensland owned firms like CQG stay in business.

March 2019

Clean Up Australia Day 2019

Some of our CQG employees spent Sunday morning participating in Clean Up Australia Day with Rockhampton Regional Council. With 2 wheelie bins full and over 8 bags of rubbish collected, in just a small area along our riverbank, we were very happy with our efforts!

February 2019

CQG on the job in Townsville

CQG’s Andrew Brown (front row orange) back in action with another natural disaster clean-up.

Andrew and CQG’s Jason Edwards & Scott Lucke are helping Townsville City Council with the coordination of local contractors to collect flood damaged goods & waste following the recent devastating floods in the region.

CQG’s Howard Johnston is taking care of the tracking of the collection using GIS mapping. All mapping is updated regularly at

CQG is proud of our track record delivering on the ground practical solutions & waste management assistance to Qld’s regional Councils to enable Council staff to get on with normal operations.

August 2018

LAWMAC Newsletter August 2018

LAWMAC newsletter August 2018

The LAWMAC Newsletter for August 2018 has just been released! Find it here.

July 2018

Are you interested in securing contracts?

April 2018

Happy birthday CQG: 15 years on!

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Article Courtesy of Gladstone Observer

March 2018

CQG joins Femeconomy!

CQG Consulting is proud to now be a part of Femeconomy.

Companies with female leaders are not only more profitable, which means more opportunity for everyone. But they are less likely to have a gender pay gap, which means more money for the whole family and more workplace flexibility, which helps women and men.


March 2018

Vegetation Management Update

On 8 March 2018, the Queensland Government introduced the Vegetation Management and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2018 to Parliament which proposes to deliver changes to the Vegetation Protection Management Act 1999 (Qld), Planning Act 2016 (Qld), Planning Regulation 2017 (Qld) and Water Act 2000 (Qld).

The Amendment Bill proposes to change some unregulated areas of vegetation (currently mapped as Category X on the Regulated Vegetation Management Maps) to regulated areas subject to an accepted development vegetation clearing code (proposed Categories R or C).

Areas shown as Category X on a Property Map of Assessable Vegetation (PMAV) will continue to be exempt from vegetation management requirements on freehold, indigenous, agricultural and grazing leasehold land.


If the Bill becomes law, the following regulations will be made retrospectively effective from 8 March 2018:

  • Category C regulations proposed for high value regrowth on leasehold, freehold and indigenous land and occupational licences; and
  • Category R regulations proposed for regrowth riparian vegetation within 50 metres of a watercourse in the Burnett-Mary, Eastern Cape York and Fitzroy Great Barrier Reef catchments.


Additionally, the Amendment Bill will:

  • Amend the definition of high value regrowth to be vegetation that has not been cleared for 15 years;
  • Reintroduce provisions in the Water Act 2000 (Qld) to require landholders to obtain riverine protection permits for clearing vegetation in a watercourse;
  • Provide an option to landholders to request an area mapped as a Category X area to be converted to a Category A area, where the area contains remnant vegetation or high value regrowth vegetation on the ground;
  • Remove high value agriculture and irrigated high value agriculture as a relevant purpose under the Vegetation Management Act 1999 (Qld). This will remove the ability to apply for a development approval for clearing for high-value and irrigated high-value agriculture, and remove supporting provisions such as relevant purpose decision making criteria;
  • Provide enhanced compliance measures that will assist with enforcement of vegetation management laws consistent with other similar contemporary natural resource legislation; and
  • Support the implementation of the revised accepted development vegetation clearing codes (accepted development codes) including changes to area management plans.


The Bill will now go through the committee process, with a report due back in parliament by 23 April 2018.

February 2018

Marine Services Now Available!

CQG is now able to provide a range of marine services with commercially registered, trailer transportable vessels. The vessels are available for hire and come accompanied with a dual qualified master class 5 skipper and marine scientist. The vessels can access inland waterways and coastal environments between Townsville and the Gold Coast and carry Great Barrier Reef Marine Parks Permits. For more information please email or  

December 2017

CQG visits China

CQG’s Principal Planner Peter Stanley recently joined a delegation led by the Advance Rockhampton General Manager Tony Cullen and Senior Executive for Trade and Investment Young Beamish of the Rockhampton Regional Council to visit Huizhou in Guangdon Province, southern China.  The Council was invited by the Huizhou Municipal Government to send a delegation to join local businesses at the Huizhou Agriculture Expo.

The Council has identified a need to identify and support the development of investment ready agricultural projects and improve irrigation capacity in the region. Council believes that it is necessary for it to take a more direct and prominent role in bringing strategically important projects in priority areas to fruition.

CQG is currently working with the Council to define, assess and document the investment readiness of targeted sub-sectors in the region’s agricultural industry.  The delegation discussed partnership prospects between the two regions to develop horticultural projects, investment potential, and opportunities for information sharing.  The trip provided CQG with a valuable insight into the potential for investment in the region’s agricultural industry from China.

CQG congratulates the Rockhampton Regional Council on this initiative and is pleased to support the Council in its efforts to strengthen the region’s agricultural economy.

November 2017

Preparing for Cyclone Season

Cyclone season is almost upon us again.  It is timely to consider what you can do to prepare your waste operations.

CQG Consulting’s Principle Engineer, Andrew Brown, recently presented at the WasteQ conference in Mackay and told the story of the benefits realised by Mackay Regional Council and Rockhampton Regional Council in their engagement of local civil contractors to collect natural disaster generated wastes and the importance of robust data collection for natural disaster funding applications.

Some of the actions your teams can undertake in the lead up to the cyclone season include:

  • Checking and updating your Emergency Response Plan
  • Reducing your stockpiles of waste scrap
  • Checking and updating your contractor and equipment supply contact list
  • Ensuring your induction materials are in place
  • Having your internal Council contact lists updated, uploading on internal website and distributed internally
  • Check your emergency equipment – pumps, generators, signs, lights, trailers, PPE, etc
  • Ensure your signage at remote facilities clearly state what can be accepted and advise that asbestos and hazardous material are not be disposed of at the facility
  • Identify on a map your preferred temporary bin and green waste collection sites

If you need assistance with any of the above or setting up for NDRRA reporting contact the team at CQG at or 0419760411.  With staff in Townsville, Mackay, Rockhampton, Gladstone and Brisbane and plenty of experience in the coordination of waste management and emergency planning, CQG’s team is readily available to assist.

November 2017

Calling all renovators – do you know if your home contains asbestos?

If you think your home may contain asbestos, contact CQG Consulting!

CQG Cap Stat – Asbestos Services


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October 2017

CQG – Aurizon Sustainability Report 2016/2017

CQG’s Company Director, Patrice Brown, recently participated in Aurizon’s Sustainability Reporting stakeholder workshop held in Brisbane as a business owner representative from Central Queensland.

The workshop was interactive and covered a range of matters.  See the full report in the following link and CQG’s comment on page 9.

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September 2017

CQG is back on the Podium!

Our founder and Company Director Patrice Brown won the Queensland State titles at the Brisbane City Hall for the Owner/Entrepreneur category in the Australian Leadership Awards for the Institute of Managers and Leaders.

Under Patrice’s leadership our team is committed to leading the way through working with clients to find smarter ways to solve challenges and to influence where we can, sustainable economic developments.

We are proud of our  passion for regional Queensland, our inclusive culture and our team spirit that underpins how we do business.

Patrice will be traveling to Sydney in early October to represent Queensland Owners/Entrepreneurs in the National finals.

September 2017

Gladstone Engineering Alliance Major Industry Conference

CQG proud to be a Silver Sponsor for the 2017 Gladstone Engineering Alliance Major Industry Conference.

The 14th GEA Major Industry Conference is shaping up to be an important event for Central Queensland and now is the time to get your ticket to have direct access to project managers and CEOs with more than $500m+ in project tenders available. #CQSupplyChain #GladstoneAustraliasFuture

The conference is renowned as the event for obtaining the most current and in-depth information on project updates and supplier opportunities delivered directly from project managers and top procurement professionals.

Speakers at this year’s conference represent the region’s major industries, infrastructure providers and planners and leaders in the mineral processing and mining industry. The conference provides a forum for these proponents to showcase their project quantum, timeline and contacts.

With over $500M+ projects and tenders available, come and hear from industry professionals, CEOs and managers like Moreton Resources CEO Jason Elks (South Burnett Coal Project), Carbine Resources CEO Tony James (Mt Morgan Gold and Copper Project), Adani General Manager of Corporate Affairs and Business Development Muthuraj Guruswamy (Carmichael Coal Mine and Rail Project), Gladstone Ports Corporation CEO Peter O’Sullivan (East Shores Stage 1B Project), Gladstone Foundation Chair Tim Griffin with CQU Associate Professor Owen Nevin (Community Health Precinct Project), Gladstone Area Water Board chief operating officer John Tumbers ($35M worth of projects), Queensland Resources Council Chief Executive Ian Macfarlane, and special guest speaker and MC for the day, influential futurist and media commentator Dr Keith Suter with more speakers to be announced soon.

The 2017 GEA Major Industry Conference, Thursday, October 12, at the Gladstone Entertainment and Convention Centre – Presented by MIPEC.

To complement the day and to celebrate industry and business in Central Queensland, don’t forget to also purchase your tickets to the GEA Gala Dinner and Industry Awards night held on the evening of the conference.



September 2017

CQG meets Singapore!

CQG further strengthened our ties in Singapore as part of Townsville Enterprise’ Business Delegation in early September.

Meetings and functions with the High Commissioner, Austrade, TIQ, JCU and Singaporean companies wanting to do business in Queensland and with Queensland businesses in the ASEAN region was the key focus.

Our Company Director was thrilled to have had the opportunity to travel with other like minded entrepreneurial businesses as well as tour Singapore’s PSA port, one of the busiest container ports in the world!

September 2017

Lakes Creek Road Landfill

CQG’s Principal Engineer Andrew Brown discussing the progress of Lakes Creek Road Landfill “piggy back” project with Rockhampton Recycling and Waste Reduction (RRWR’s) Craig Dunglison.  Back filling on the existing landfill site will save ratepayers millions of dollars compared to alternatives.

Andrew was instrumental in this concept which has been driven by RRWR’s team.

May 2017

Patrice Brown Appointed to Premier’s Business Advisory Council

Prominent Rockhampton businesswoman and entrepreneur, Patrice Brown has recently been appointed to the Queensland Premier’s Business Advisory Council.

Patrice is a Corporate Environmental Advisor with 30 years’ experience in environmental impact assessments and environmental management in a range of sectors.  In 2003, she successfully established CQG Consulting as one of regional Queensland’s leading environmental, planning and engineering consultancies, with staff in Rockhampton, Gladstone, Brisbane and Mackay.

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Article Courtesy of CQUniversity

March 2017

CQG Mobilised for Cyclone Debbie Disaster Recovery Waste Management

CQG Consulting’s (CQG) accredited team of disaster recovery waste management specialists are on standby to assist local governments across Queensland with post cyclone Debbie clean up.

The experienced team was commended for the expertise and essential support they provided local councils following Cyclone Marcia in 2015, working around the clock to strategically manage and implement disaster recovery waste management. To learn more about the services our dedicated team of specialists are on standby to provide, please contact 0419 760 411 or email us at or Mitch Crane at

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March 2017

Heavy Rainfall Blankets Qld – do you need assistance?

With hundreds of millimetres of rainfall blanketing the Queensland east coast CQG has been responding to multiple requests for rain event monitoring and sampling release waters.  Are you in need of assistance with monitoring your site waters,  responding to rain related incidents or developing systems for stormwater management?  Please contact us today for a quote.

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February 2017

Patrice Brown Catching Up With The Movers and Shakers

CQG’s Patrice Brown was out and about in the region this week catching up with the movers and shakers in Queensland while the State politicians were in CQ.

February 2017

Gladstone Healthy Harbour Partnership – Gladstone Harbour Report Card 2016 Release

CQG Consulting (a proud partner of the Gladstone Healthy Harbour Partnership) attended the release of the Gladstone Harbour Report Card 2016 on Wednesday 2 February 2017. CQG goes beyond consulting, we stand beside our clients and the government as financial members of Gladstone Healthy Harbour Partnership and the Fitzroy Partnership for River Health to help protect water quality in this region.

Full details of the Report Card can be found here on the partnerships website 

November 2016

Institute of Quarrying Australia – drone use and environmental compliance

Andrew Brown was the guest speaker at the Institute of Quarrying Australia dinner meeting held at the Rockhampton Leagues Club on the 10th November 2016.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) or drones and their potential applications in the quarrying industry was the hot topic. Andrew also gave some environmental compliance tips for those who attended the event.

November 2016

Asbestos Awareness Month

November is Asbestos Awareness Month, which aims to raise awareness of the dangers of asbestos and where asbestos materials could be found within your home or business.  Homeowners and tenants, do you know if your home contains asbestos?  Businesses and landlords, are you aware of your responsibilities when it comes to  managing asbestos?

 Find out more about asbestos at and You can also contact CQG for professional assistance from our certified asbestos assessors.

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November 2016

Capricornia Business Awards 2016

CQG Consulting were proud to be nominated in the local Capricornia Business Awards 2016 and would like to congratulate all the businesses that participated and won.

November 2016

2016 Telstra Queensland Entrepreneur Award Winner – Patrice Brown

Presentation at the 2016 Queensland Event from the 2016 Winner of the Queensland Entrepreneur Award, Patrice Brown.

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October 2016

Experts on the Ground and Sky

The article provided an opportunity for local business in the Gladstone region to showcase their staff.

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Article Courtesy of the Gladstone Observer

October 2016

Patrice Brown WINNER 2016 Telstra Queensland Business Women’s Awards – Queensland Entrepreneur Award

What a fantastic night at the Brisbane City Hall, where we celebrated exceptional Queensland business women.

Winners of the 2016 Telstra Queensland Business Women’s Awards are:

  • Entrepreneur Award: Patrice Brown from CQG Consulting
  • For Purpose and Social Enterprise Award: Penelope Twemlow from Energy Skills Queensland
  • Public Sector and Academia Award: Inspector Virginia Nelson from Queensland Police Service
  • Corporate & Private Award: Tracey Vieira from Screen Queensland
  • Young Business Women’s Award: Pixie Weyand from The Lost Collective

And the 2016 Telstra Queensland Business Woman of the Year is… Tracey Vieira from Screen Queensland!

Congratulations to all the winners. We will see you at the National Awards next month.

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Article Courtesy of Telstra Business Women's Awards

October 2016

GEA Awards Recognise Industry Excellence

Gladstone Engineering Alliance (GEA) has recognised three local individuals for their contributions to Gladstone industry with the presentation of the annual GEA Industry Awards.

At their annual Gala Dinner GEA presented the Forty Calis Memorial, the Wayne Peachey Memorial and the GEA Industry Hall of Fame awards.

GEA CEO Carli Homann said the awards each represented different values important to the success of the Gladstone supply chain.

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Article Courtesy of GEA

October 2016

VC and Alumnus Finalists in Telstra Business Women’s Awards

CQUniversity’s interim Vice-Chancellor Professor Hilary Winchester and alumnus Patrice Brown have both been announced as finalists in the Telstra Businesswomen’s Awards for Queensland.

Professor Hilary Winchester is Provost and Acting Vice-Chancellor at CQUniversity and champions widening participation in academia through the universities programs in regional Australia.

Professor Winchester is a finalist for the Public Sector and Academia Award.

Also named as a finalist in the Entrepreneur category, is CQUniversity alumnus and Rockhampton based entrepreneur, Patrice Brown, director of CQG Consulting.

Ms Brown graduated from CQUniversity in 1992 with a Bachelor of Applied Science (Chem) before going on to establish CQG Consulting.

As well as being known as a leading Corporate Environmental Advisor with over 25 years’ experience in industrial and environmental management, she is also a member of the Central Queensland University Council.

Telstra Business Women’s Awards Ambassador, Group Executive, Media and Chief Marketing Officer Joe Pollard said that Queensland women are changing the way we do business, one brilliant business woman at a time.

“Now in their 22nd year, the Telstra Business Women’s Awards champion women from diverse industries, ensuring their achievements are given the recognition they deserve and continue to raise the profile of women in business,” Ms Pollard said.

“The 2016 Telstra Queensland Business Women’s Awards finalists demonstrate the unique combination of skills required for professional excellence: the courage to take risks, sound financial management, strong leadership skills and of course, sophisticated business acumen allowing them to thrive.”

Winners of the 2016 Telstra Queensland Business Women’s Awards will be announced at a Gala Dinner at Brisbane City Hall on October 14.

September 2016

Finalist in the Telstra Business Women’s Awards

One of Queensland’s well known environmental practitioners Patrice (Purcell) Brown MEIANZ CEnvP is a proud finalist in the 2016 Queensland Telstra Business Women’s Awards in the entrepreneur category.

With almost 30 years’ experience in environmental management and impact assessment, Patrice is an advocate for EIANZ, the CEnvP scheme and mentoring young professionals.

She is the company director of CQG Consulting, an environmental, planning and engineering consultancy she established over 13 years ago. Patrice is also a founding director/owner of two start-ups: Northern Ventures, a company that supports Aboriginal groups to achieve economic independence and Fortitude Infrastructure Development, a company formed to deliver green technologies. Patrice is also a director on the CQUniversity Council and the Gladstone Area Water Board and, with her siblings, runs their 2,800 hectare cattle property “Yatton” north of Marlborough.

Her early passion for education and success was encouraged by her parents the late John Purcell (OAM) and Miriam Croser who themselves took on and survived the challenges faced by many rural businesses including droughts, cattle prices, fuel costs and ever increasing legislative changes. Patrice presented to UNESCO during their mission to assess the management of the Great Barrier Reef and was one of 17 CEOs who accompanied the former Federal Minister for Trade, Andrew Robb on a trade mission to Canada last year.

Patrice and the other two entrepreneur finalists will find out on 14 October who will win this category for Queensland at a Gala Dinner event in Brisbane.

We wish Patrice the best of luck.

“Environmental practitioners have a critical role in Australia to ensure the incorporation of science and facts in decision making which can affect the sustainability of our natural environment and our economic future:

Patrice Brown Meianz cenvp

September 2016

CQG Sponsoring 13th Annual GEA Major Industry Conferences

This year CQG Consulting are proud to be sponsoring the 13th Annual Gladstone Engineering Alliance (GEA) Major Industry Conference, Gala Dinner and Industry Awards.

The conference has become known as Central Queensland’s premier industry event and we would encourage you to attend to engage with market leaders and industry specialists, learn about future opportunities in the resources sector and promote your business to potential clients.

This year’s conference will deliver stimulating content from a line-up of high calibre speakers along with industry and economic experts including:

  • Craig James, Chief Economist for Commsec
  • Duncan Mackenzie, Chief Executive Officer for Casper Energy
  • Amy Greene, Manager Economic Policy for Queensland Resources Council
  • Mike O’Brien, Project Director for Metro Mining
  • Tim Dwyer, Business Coach from Shirlaws Australia
  • Peter Trim, District Director (Fitzroy), Department of Transport and Main Roads
  • Allan Brown, Cargo Handling Operations General Manager for Gladstone Ports Corporation
  • Mark Holmes, Chief Financial Officer, Gladstone Regional Council
  • Gladstone Area Water Board

To register simply visit GEA’s website at or contact GEA on 07 4972 9060. We look forward to seeing you there.

This award will be awarded to an entrepreneur/s who has displayed outstanding accomplishments.

September 2016

Director Patrice Brown nominated for Memorial Award

Our Company Director Patrice Brown has been nominated for the Forty Calis Memorial Award for the second year in a row, one of three awards introduced by Gladstone Engineering Alliance (GEA) in 2011.

The Forty Calis Memorial Award, recognises the achievements of individuals who demonstrate an entrepreneurial spirit to gain business success in the engineering and support sector.

This award will be awarded to an entrepreneur/s who has displayed outstanding accomplishments.

June 2016

Reconciliation week at CQUniversity hosted by CQG’s Patrice Brown

From Mabo, Native Title, Recognition and Treaty to mention of war-time expansionism, sporting mateship and even the Eurovision Song Contest, this week’s Reconciliation Week forum at CQUniversity Rockhampton North was a heady brew of ideas.

Professor Bronwyn Fredericks, CQUni’s Pro Vice-Chancellor (Indigenous Engagement) and BHP Billiton Mitsubishi Alliance (BMA) Chair in Indigenous Engagement, kicked off with an ‘Acknowledgement to Country’ and ‘Overview of Reconciliation’.

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Article Courtesy of CQUniversity

May 2016

Rookwood Weir Business Case Stacks Up Already Says Gladstone Water Board

A state-owned statutory water board says it is confident the Federal Government will see the business case for investing in the Rookwood Weir in central Queensland.

The Coalition has pledged to invest up to $130 million for the project on the Fitzroy River near Rockhampton, if the economic case stacks up.

Patrice Brown from the Gladstone Area Water Board said there had already been comprehensive analysis.

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Article Courtesy of ABC News