The greatest pleasure we receive is the feedback we get from clients, suppliers and the communities in which we work. The best endorsement of satisfaction by clients is repeat business and referrals and we are proud to say that the majority of our clients have been with us for over five years and some since the day we started the business in 2003! Our promise to listen, to understand and to deliver professional advisory services underpins everything we do.

Thank you to our wonderful clients for placing trust in our services and your continued businesses. Your regular messages of appreciation mean so much to us all.

To read some of the formal testimonials please see below.

“They provide leadership and integrity, professional skills…”

Alpha HPA

Patrice and Andrew bring an incredible passion to their team and what they do everyday. It shines through in how CQG approach their work with incredible integrity and pragmatism.

Patrice’s love of country and commitment and support to indigenous engagement is not just a trend for her and the team at CQG, it’s an underlying sense of making things right and just that brings a “next level” of knowledge and understanding on this subject matter while being able to maintain commercial acumen for all involved.

I think that the sense of “what is morally right” is a big part of why I like working with the team at CQG. They all believe in what they do and for the right reasons. Not just to tick a box. Working with a team like this on a new project development is what you should demand as a project manager because it’s this attitude that will flush out all the issues from the beginning. If you decide to seek services from CQG my only piece of advice would be to follow their guidance and recommendations! Failure to do so will be at you and your projects peril!

I’m bummed I can’t be there for your 20th anniversary celebrations but wish you and the team all the best for the next 20 years!

Robert Williamson

Chief Operating Officer

Darumbal Enterprises

It is a testament to the resolve of any organisation to do a joint venture with a Native Title Group whose space is complex. It certainly is not easy as many around the country crumble and fall and we from Darumbal with Patrice and the team can attest to the trials and tribulations with making this work. We acknowledge the start of this relationship between Darumbal and CQG beginning with Trevor and the late Doug Hatfield who realised a dream over 20 years ago and then in 2019 making ‘Tunuba’ (JV Darumbal/CQG) a reality. CQG understands Darumbal’s intent with self-determination and getting into the driver’s seat for our own country and have welcomed us into their business and vice versa. Darumbal congratulates CQG for 20 years of service and extends appreciation for being a proactive organisation with real reconciliation and closing the gap.

Malcolm Mann

Business Development Manager

Hancock Properties

What makes the CQG exceptional is their proactive team of professionals that use their initiative to come up with recommendations and solutions.
I’d highly recommend Patrice and her team to any developer undertaking a complex development . The group has a diverse contact base across all the relevant levels of government and a professional reputation that facilitates positive engagement.

Dennis Nichol

Project Director

Hydrogen Utility

I have known Patrice and worked with her across major projects for a very long time.  I have always found her capacity for identifying not only issues but solutions to be invaluable in terms of meeting project timelines and maintaining cost controls.

Richard Holliday

Development Executive Queensland Program

Katestone Environmental

Katestone has worked with CQG since 2006 on a variety of air quality and greenhouse gas emissions-related projects. The CQG team are always great to work with, being friendly and personable and committed to delivering for their clients. Combine this with the interesting and challenging nature of the projects that we tend to work together on and it’s no wonder that the Katestone team looks forward to opportunities to work with CQG.

Ricky Gellatly

Laing O'Rourke

Laing O’Rourke first engaged with CQG in 2017, as part of pre tender early engagement with local business. CQG and in in particular Patrice Brown quickly emerged as an important relationship partner in the development of the project. CQG has, and continues, to provide all environmental services on the project now some 6 years later. The strength of the environmental outcomes are a testament to early engagement, professional design services and positive influence in delivery. A long-term journey such as this requires great bonds to withstand the ups and downs of a dynamic project driven by timelines and CQG have remained a solid and reassuring partner at all times. At a time when the Koala was identified as a threatened species, we saw CQG step in and provide unqualified support and put in place strategy and teams to ensure project objectives were maintained whilst maintain highest possible consideration for the outcomes of the Koala and the Great Glider populations.

CQG have a demonstrated capacity as multi-disciplinary consultancy firm that spans across many geographies, and yet always has a local presence. They have always been a pleasure to deal with and are a key contributor to the success of the Australia Singapore Military Training Initiative at Shoalwater Bay.

James Foreman

Project Director ASMTI (Defence) Project

Laing O'Rourke

From first engagement in 2019 on the ASMTI project, the CQG team have been great to work with and are supportive, responsive and collaborative. There has been some tough environmental issues to navigate all the way through the project and the CQG team has always remained positive and proactive. They have been a key partner with assisting to diligently navigate through these complex issues with a view on keeping the project moving forward whilst ensuring compliance to environmental matters.

Matthew Goodall

Project Engineering Manager ASMTI (Defence) Project

Laing O'Rourke

Patrice and the CQG team have been a pleasure to work with since we arrived in Rockhampton mid 2018. They have been good advocates for Laing O’Rourke and the ASMTI Project and our approach to local industry and engagement and I hope we can find a way to work together again.

Vicky Grant


BMD work extensively in CQ on construction projects, however still find that teaming with a local company embedded in the community to be of great value. That is why we have repeatedly teamed with CQG and have found their connection with local stakeholders and passion for the region of real benefit to our projects. The expertise in their fields that they bring to our project teams value adds and is further enhanced by their local knowledge. Working closely with CQG on the Fitzroy to Gladstone Pipeline project I have found them to be responsive and collaborative, willing to actively contribute. I look forward to my continued working relationship with CQG and their wider team.

Casper Heunis

MBJV Engineering Manager - Fitzroy to Gladstone Pipeline

McConnell Dowell

As part of the MBJV, McConnell Dowell look forward to working closely with the CQG Consulting during the delivery of the Fitzroy to Gladstone Pipeline Project and acknowledge the key input & personnel provided during the Early Contractor Involvement phase in 2022.

Mark Barrows

MBJV Project Director - Fitzroy to Gladstone Pipeline

Mitchell Group

I have had the pleasure of working with CQG in the mining and ports industry, and I can confidently say that they are a reliable and professional partner. Their expertise and experience in this field have been invaluable in helping us navigate the complex challenges of this industry. Their commitment to safety and sustainability is also evident in their work, and we appreciate their dedication to responsible practices. I would highly recommend CQG to anyone seeking a trustworthy and knowledgeable partner in the mining and ports industry.”

Nathan Mitchell

Executive Chairman Mitchell Group

Rockhampton Regional Council

Patrice and her Team at CQG Consulting have been providing valued services to Rockhampton Regional Waste and Recycling since 2003 (being their first year of operation). For Patrice even longer!

These services have covered a very broad range of disciplines, including environmental, engineering, planning, GIS and disaster management. The professional and dedicated Team at CQG are always there when you need them and provide the highest level of service and support. This service and support is greatly appreciated and makes a valued contribution to Rockhampton Regional Waste and Recycling.

Michael O'Keeffe

Manager Rockhampton Regional Waste and Recycling

Enviro Aus

Entrepreneurism is a kind of magic that involves dreaming what is possible and starting new businesses or ventures. It involves courage to take new directions, the ability to create, sell, and realise a vision of what is possible, and the knowledge and skills to lead and enrol others on the journey.
CQG Consulting has these characteristics in spades. Across twenty years the company has demonstrated its capacity to create successful project outcomes by integrating sound environmental and engineering practice with social and cultural values.

The leaders of the company, Patrice and Andrew Brown, recognised the opportunity to be a regionally focussed environmental and engineering consultancy company. The company has successfully serviced the agricultural, grazing, sugar milling and refining, mining, mineral processing, energy generation and distribution, heavy industry, military training, tourism industries, and local governments throughout central and northern Queensland.

This has been done by being connected to what is happening, by building a team that values the company’s vision of trusted, practical, innovative and environmentally sustainable development outcomes. The company has placed importance on employing professionally accredited and qualified staff who demonstrate integrity through the application of knowledge and skills in an ethical context.

Ricky Gellatly

Team Leader Operations

Enviro Aus

At a time when Australia is re-setting its constitutional relationship with its First Nations peoples, CQG Consulting has partnered with the Darumbal People in the joint venture Indigenous business, Tunuba Pty Ltd, to facilitate the use of their traditional knowledge and skill in delivering environmental and land management services. CQG Consulting recognises that an environmentally sustainable future must draw on science, First Nation’s traditional knowledge, and community knowledge.

It is vitally important that Australia has the benefit of environmental services companies that are grounded in the environments in which they work, and are connected to the communities and people they serve. CQG Consulting, with its home base in Rockhampton, has built strong connections with Central Queensland University and Gladstone Engineering Alliance; and through the support of its staff contributes to community environmental initiatives.

CQG Consulting is a regional success story. A company that listens, understands, and delivers innovative outcomes in a regional context. May there be another twenty successful years for the company.

Vicky Grant

Design Manager - ASMTI Facilities Project

Sun Cable Manufacturing Pty Ltd

The CQG Consulting team is my ‘go-to’ for environmental and development support. I have worked with Patrice and the team for almost twenty years and have always enjoyed the professional can-do approach and clever thinking. Project development is never without risk or timeframe pressure but the CQG Consulting team has consistently supported me in assessing and mitigating that project risk and schedule. Patrice and the team are my trusted advisors in Central Queensland for considered project support and counsel.

Justin Wells

Development Manager


We partnered with CQG some years ago now and found Patrice to be very accommodating with our requests to assist in reviewing our environmental data to make recommendations for better environmental practices . CQG built relationships with our people across our site, which set the foundations for trust and reliability. CQG provided consistency and oversight to ensure good operational practices were put in place by providing high quality training and advice. I would recommend CQG services to anyone looking to partner with a company that takes the time to understand the people, processes and issues for the best outcome from a safety/environmental and efficiency perspective.

Dean O'Brien

Manager Mackay and Bundaberg Terminals

Tower Holdings

Tower Holdings has been fortunate to have been working with Patrice, Andrew and the great team at CQG for almost 15 years. It has been a real privilege to have worked closely with Patrice for so long on a very wide range of issues. We have travelled together from Cairns, Townsville, Rockhampton, Brisbane, Sydney and Canberra to deal with all levels of Government, industry groups and community stakeholders. Every meeting was a unique experience and many meetings ended with Patrice asking the group for a photo to remember the occasion. Patrice not only always puts in the maximum effort to deal with the task at hand but genuinely takes on any assignment on a personal basis. Patrice has always been available to discuss any issue which has come up and has always provided great advice and guidance. Patrice is always striving to deliver great results not only for her clients but also ensuring that the outcomes will benefit the community at large. We have developed a fantastic working relationship over the years but much more importantly we have built a great personal relationship and friendship. Congratulations Patrice on a wonderful 20 years and all CQG has achieved. Thanks for everything you have helped with and above all thanks for being a great friend.

Anthony Aiossa

Property Development Manager

Fitsroy Basin Association

Congratulations of achieving this significant milestone as a successful business in our Central Queensland community as well as across much of Queensland. Best wishes for a wonderful evening.

Jeff Krause

Fulton Hogan

We have engaged CQG to assist in the delivery of several major civil projects. Their friendly staff have always been reliable and have worked diligently to deliver positive outcomes.

Jason Hand

Environment & Sustainability Lead WBP

Australian Sugar Milling Council (ASMC)

Patrice Brown and the team at CQ Consulting have been first choice providers of the very best in environmental consulting services to sugar industry stakeholders throughout Queensland since their inception in 2003.

The CQG team understand the complexities of our industry and have built strong relationships based on trust with sugar milling companies and the Milling Council over that time.

Patrice and others from the CQG Team play an active role in our Industry Environment Committee and have been fundamental in nurturing the very important working relationship our industry maintains with Queensland’s environmental regulator.

Sugar industry stakeholders have always placed a high value on trust and known networks in business relationships. CQ Consulting has embraced this value since day one in dealing with their sugar industry clients and this assists them to deliver solutions to what are, at times, complex problems.

They provide leadership and integrity, professional skills and they have a demonstrated capacity to solve problems for their clients.

Jim Crane

Director, Industry and Government Affairs

Mitchell Group

EIS Projects: “I have worked with CQG on a number of EIS submissions for mining and ports projects, and I have been consistently impressed by the quality of their work. They have a thorough understanding of the regulatory requirements and have always delivered submissions that meet with government approval. Their attention to detail and ability to navigate complex environmental and social issues has been invaluable in securing successful outcomes for our projects. I appreciate their commitment to delivering high-quality and comprehensive EIS submissions that meet and exceed our expectations. I would highly recommend CQG to anyone seeking a reliable and professional partner for EIS submissions in the mining and ports industry.

Nathan Mitchell

Executive Chairman Mitchell Group