As businesses prepare for the new mandatory financial reporting disclosures, slated to commence in July 2024 with rolling implementation for businesses of varying sizes, the importance of robust sustainability strategies has never been more pronounced. Our consultancy is a trusted leader in sustainability, offering unparalleled expertise across diverse industry sectors in Australia and internationally. We provide guidance and support to achieve compliance while simultaneously helping businesses harness sustainability as a driver for growth and competitive advantage. By focusing on sustainable development, climate change mitigation, waste management, and social equity, our clients can enhance operational efficiency, minimise risk, and foster long-term resilience.

At our consultancy, we recognise that the true value lies in empowering our clients to thrive in an evolving marketplace. We specialise in assisting organisations of all sizes in meeting regulatory requirements and corporate social responsibilities, while leveraging sustainability as a catalyst for innovation and competitive advantage. Through climate adaptation risk assessments, stakeholder engagement and comprehensive sustainability strategies, we empower businesses to thrive in an increasingly conscientious marketplace, driving positive change for a more sustainable future.

“CQG have exercised professionalism, dedication, flexibility and a willingness to undertake comprehensive investigations...”

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In the realm of sustainability reporting, effective consultation with both internal and external stakeholders is paramount to discerning the material economic, environmental, and social impacts. A robust sustainability report and reporting program not only foster transparency but also bolster organisational accountability, as these reports often serve as crucial decision-making tools for stakeholders. Our consultancy specialises in guiding clients through this process, offering services that span strategy development, engagement and consultation activities, risk and opportunity identification, and the preparation of comprehensive reports. Furthermore, our team is certified to provide third-party independent validation and assurance of sustainability reports in alignment with international reporting standards.

Whether your organisation is embarking on its sustainability journey or boasts a mature program, our services are tailored to meet your specific needs. With the forthcoming 2032 Olympic Games in Queensland, we stand ready to assist businesses in aligning with recognized standards and reporting frameworks, particularly as the Queensland Government has committed to delivering carbon reductions and fostering a climate-positive legacy. The question remains: Is your business prepared? At CQG, our team of dedicated professionals is committed to providing services that help our clients fulfill their environmental, social, and governance performance objectives.

Sustainability Services

  • Climate resilience assessments
  • Stakeholder engagement and material impact assessments
  • Strategy development and implementation
  • Social impact assessments and social performance management
  • Climate related risk identification and management
  • Sustainability reporting aligned with established reporting standards
  • Independent assurance & validation of sustainability reports

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